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Annual report 2020

Our ability to adapt and succeed is an advantage. Supporting both the climate, environment and AF Gruppen's results.

Annual report documents 2020

Letter from the CEO

  • The Nordic Region's most profitable contractor

    AF delivers excellent results in an unprecedented 2020. CEO Amund Tøftum highlights good project performance, adaptability and impressive effort as drivers. AF has a solid bedrock and the best conditions for reaching new ambitious goals.


Strong performances in 2020

  • 27 025

    Revenues 2020 (NOK in millions)

  • 1 480

    EBIT 2020 (NOK in millions)

  • 30 617

    Order backlog as of 31.12.2020 (NOK in millions)

  • AF GRUPPEN 2020: Revenues (NOK in millions)
  • AF GRUPPEN 2020: EBIT (NOK in millions)
  • AF Gruppen 2020: HSE at AF, LTI-1 rate
  • AF GRUPPEN 2020: Absence due to illness
  • AF GRUPPEN 2020: Earnings per share (NOK)